Luxury italian classic bathroom prestige furniture

When choosing the furniture for your ideal bathroom, choose Italian craftsmanship for the finest possible baths, sinks, mirrors and cabinets. At Valderamobili, since 1976 we have been perfecting an intoxicating blend of centuries old Italian craft techniques and modern technology. With these skills, our selection of prestige bathroom furniture will satisfy anybody's longing for luxury.

Instead of a plain, unexciting bathroom, we can provide gorgeously shaped and finished sinks, cabinets and baths - creating an opulent feel which harks back to the luxury of the eighteenth century. Relax in the bath and feel like a king or queen. Ensure that you look your best in front of a gorgeously carved mirror frame and reach for bathroom essentials from a dazzlingly finished, gilded bathroom cabinet.

These items really add elegance and prestige to any home, impressing guests and making the bathroom a pleasurable place to be. And they also possess to sheer quality that only Italian luxury bathroom furniture can provide. Every aspect of these bathroom items has been meticulously crafted and checked, and they can be skilfully customized to meet the dimensions of your bathroom.

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