Luxury bedrooms

Turn your bedroom into a luxury night area with furnishings designed with care to highlight the finest features of the prestigious materials. In our luxury bedrooms, the most prestigious woods dialogue perfectly with the fine textiles, ranging from the sheen of satin to the classic style of brocade decorations, enhanced by unique details like the original pillows made of marabou and rhinestone or with feathers.

Classic bedrooms

Our classic bedrooms will make your nights more luxuriant than ever, featuring upholstered headboards with surround and crown, beds carved in maple and elm burl wood or embellished with gold leaf. The classic bedrooms feature impressive volumes and details that will not pass unnoticed.

Period bedrooms

Our princely period bedrooms create a dream-like setting with large mirrors, upholstered chairs, and dressers embellished with fine wood hand carved by expert furniture makers. The bed is the undisputed star of the room, complete with original details that give our period-style bedrooms a truly special atmosphere.

Bedroom Italian Prestige Luxury Furniture Homemade Classic

For many people, the bedroom is the most important room in the home. There is something luxurious and reassuring about drifting off to sleep in a gorgeous, well-made and comfortable bed. And there is something inspirational about waking up to see stunningly made cupboards, tables and stools.

Be inspired and enjoy a great night's sleep with a selection of luxury bedroom furniture from the Italian company Valderamobili. Since 1976, we have been creating unforgettable examples of Italian craftsmanship. Our artisans use modern technology and centuries old craft skills to create items that possess the class and strength of the finest luxury furniture.

Italian craft skills are second to none, and Valderamobili have a reputation as one of Italy's most skilled and reliable furniture manufacturers. Creating night-time furniture is one of our specialist areas, and we allow customers to choose from a wide variety of different styles. With our help you can free your imagination and create the bedroom that you have always desired.

When furnishing a home for your family, ensure that your furnishings will last, and will look good for decades by investing in Italian bedroom furniture. We can create exactly what you need, including wardrobes, desks and the all-important bed. So drift off into blissful nights of sweet dreams in the most luxurious bedroom imaginable.